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About Imane

Imane is a naturopath and author. For several years, she has been helping women live in harmony with PCOS by providing each with unique dietary supplements of impeccable composition! She has created a support, discussion, and sharing group via social networks to better understand the pains of women suffering from hormonal disorders and to raise maximum awareness about this issue.

"In 2015, after stopping birth control pills, my cycles were 125 days long. At 25 years old, I suffered from severe cystic and inflammatory acne, my hair was increasingly thinning, and mood disorders (anxiety, depression, aggressiveness) were becoming more and more disabling in my daily life. I no longer understood my body at all, and I felt truly alone in the face of these troubles."

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The diagnosis of my PCOS

It was in 2016 that the diagnosis finally came: I have polycystic ovary syndrome. I was completely devastated and utterly lost by this news.

'Will I ever be able to have a child?

Will I have acne for the rest of my life?

Will I go bald?

Is the pill the only solution?

I can't take the pill if I want to get pregnant. Why me?'

PCOS, is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 1 in 7 women.

87% of women with polycystic ovary syndrome experience irregular cycles.

And today, thanks to my support and dietary supplements, I help thousands of women naturally achieve their goals

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Polycystic ovary syndrome affects 15% of women of reproductive age

"After a few weeks, I decided to take matters into my own hands and help my body regain balance. Regulating my cycles, reducing my acne, stopping hair loss, and getting pregnant... these were my 4 goals after my diagnosis. And today, thanks to my dietary supplements, I help thousands of women naturally achieve these objectives."

My victory !

In 2018, I succeeded in naturally managing this syndrome. I regained my cycles, reduced my acne and hair loss, and became pregnant with my first child !

Today, I am a fulfilled mother of two children and I help women who feel alone in facing this syndrome, which can be difficult to manage on a daily basis

A unique brand :

Imane Harmonie is the first French brand of specific dietary supplements created for women with PCOS, as well as for women suffering from menstrual cycle disorders and hormonal imbalances. After years of work and hundreds of consultations, Imane decided to create effective supplements tailored to the specific needs of women

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